Wholesale Soap Bars

Wholesale Bars of Soap
wholesale bars soap
cut, unlabeled bars of soap for private label

We have finally added bars of soap to our wholesale soap website. Each soap comes in packs of five. We chose this package size based on how many will fit into a flat rate box, giving you more “bang for your buck”. This actually gives you the opportunity to try or restock twelve different types of soap and they will all fit into the large flat rate shipping box (12 types of 5-packs)

Please keep in mind that the same rule applies to bars as it does loaves and blocks of soap — they must be made especially for you and require our same, 10 business day turnaround time. However, the great thing about offering bars of wholesale soap is that there is often several types of bars already on the shelves. So, if only a few types of soap have to be made to complete your order, your package could potentially ship within just a few days of our receiving it. Please remember that what you order may or may NOT be on the shelves and still must be made for you.

These are unwrapped bars of soap. Each bar is approximately 1 inch thick x 2.5 inches tall x 3 inches wide and weigh between 3.7 and 4 ounces when fully cured. (we say “approximately” because all of our soaps are hand-cut in our Tennessee workshop – no machines for us. Most retailers sell bars this size for between $5 and $8 per bar.

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