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We have JUST added the blog section of

Here you will soon find more information about the soaps, ideas, feedback from you are we have just started our first poll on a new idea we have for shipping.

More coming soon.


  1. Marti - Reply

    I wanted to sell your soap as a hobby, I don’t have a licence is that ok?

    • soapbytheloaf - Reply

      On our end, you can order from us. Selling without a license is something you’ll need to research on your end to see if you meet state and local requirements. However, that does not effect you ordering from us. If you live in the state of Tennessee, however, we must have a resale certificate for you on file if you wish to be tax exempt.

  2. Deanna - Reply

    I noticed that shampoo bar soaps are becoming quite popular. Any hope of adding that to your items for us to purchase?

    • soapbytheloaf - Reply

      We don’t have any plans to add shampoo bars at this time. We did make them in years past, but due to the ingredients used it takes twice as long for them to dry and harden to ready them for sale — sometimes up to 10 weeks drying time.

  3. julie - Reply

    This is the best soap ever….don’t buy from stores, only here….love the garden mint…never had one I didn’t like.

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