Soap by the Loaf RETURNS!


Soap by the Loaf has made a triumphant return! After an eighteen-month hiatus, our undying passion for soap-making couldn’t keep us away any longer. We’ve regrouped, breathed new life into our operations, and are excitedly making our return to the industry.
When we closed Soap by the Loaf, it was a sad chapter in our journey. The company had been a staple in the industry for over two decades and was one of the first to offer bulk soap loaves to small businesses for reselling with their own label.
However, this time away from soap making was a profound reminder of how much it truly means to us and fuelled our determination to make a comeback. As we return, we carry the legacy of Soap by the Loaf, the lessons learned during our break, and the renewed passion for our craft. We’re back and more excited than ever to continue our journey in the world of soap-making! In today’s world, they call this a reboot. We’re here for it.
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