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Soap by the Loaf RETURNS!

11-26-2023 Soap by the Loaf has made a triumphant return! After an eighteen-month hiatus, our undying passion for soap-making couldn’t keep us away any longer. We’ve regrouped, breathed new life into our operations, and are excitedly making our return to the industry. When we closed Soap by the Loaf, it was a sad chapter in…

New Soap Formula for 2018

ANNOUNCEMENT: NEW SOAP RECIPE — 2018 marks a time of change for the aromagregory and Soap by the Loaf company. After 18 years, it has become necessary to reformulate our soap recipe. The decision is not only based on dwindling supplies but also to further improve the quality of our product and to join the…

Wholesale Soap Bars

Wholesale Bars of Soap After many years of only selling bulk loaves and blocks of soap, we have finally decided to put packs of soap bars on the site at a wholesale price. They are sold in packs of five per type and begin at only $10 per pack  (that is usually what we get…

Fragrance oil Soaps

We admit it – we have been essential oil snobs for many years. I suppose its goes with the job of being aromatherapists. But, after much discussion, we have decided to add beautifully scented fragrance oil soaps to our line of whole soap loaves and blocks. Because, the truth is, just because we love essential…

Soap Talk

We have JUST added the blog section of Here you will soon find more information about the soaps, ideas, feedback from you are we have just started our first poll on a new idea we have for shipping. More coming soon.

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