Fragrance oil Soaps

blueberriesWe admit it – we have been essential oil snobs for many years. I suppose its goes with the job of being aromatherapists.

But, after much discussion, we have decided to add beautifully scented fragrance oil soaps to our line of whole soap loaves and blocks. Because, the truth is, just because we love essential oils – that doesn’t necessarily mean that is what YOUR soap customers want.

Besides, we also enjoy the occasional scented soap in the bath. Yes, I said it. We don’t use real essential oil soap in EVERY bath we take. Just like everyone else, we’re sometimes drawn to the wonderful scents that essential oils just cannot offer. Fragrance oil soaps give a wider range of scents – things that nature just cannot duplicate.

Florals aren’t usually all that floral unless you use a fragrance oil because the true floral aromatherapy scents are simply too expensive to use in soap. Other fragrances don’t try to disguise themselves as something you find in the plant world. We both love the scent of nag champa soap, as well as sandalwood.  And while these are two things that can be found in nature, their oil costs are out of this world. Nag Champa is usually a fragrance these days but did start out as a natural blend and contains many oils including sandalwood and frangipani. But, a bar of either scented naturally SHOULD cost a customer $20 bar.

And this is where fragrance comes in. As a matter of fact, when our company started back in 1999, fragrance oil soaps were the only kind we made. It wasn’t until a few years later that essential oils and aromatherapy caught our interest. So, we are very familiar with how to make fragrance oil soaps. Soap by the loaf even offered fragrance soaps when we started it so many years ago.

So, now things have come full circle. We started the company making fragrance oil soaps, spent many years focusing only on essential oils, and now we’re back to making both scented AND aromatherapy soaps for retail and wholesale. Customers will be able to find scented soaps on our retail website as well as the wholesale site – soap by the loaf – where so many customers buy bulk soap in blocks and loaves to cut up and resell to their own customers.

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