FAQ – Ordering Information

How long before I receive my order?
We require a 10 business day lead time to fill your order for soap loaves before they ship out. (Business days equals approx. 2 weeks because they exclude weekends and holidays)
So, if you would like an idea when your order will ship, please start counting from the next business day after your order is placed and exclude Saturdays and Sundays. Please plan for additional time in transit – our zip code is 37214, shipping is standard USPS Flat Rate. (Please remember your order is being made especially for you at the time you place it). Keep in mind that the cure time for handmade soap is 3 – 4 weeks. Orders of over 100 loaves may require a longer lead time.

How are my loaves shipped to me?
We now use Priority Mail FLAT RATE boxes for shipping soap loaves. This is the most economical way to ship quantities of soap. If you want to help us out with shipping costs, order soap in quantities of 3 (any scent) such as: 3 loaves, 6 loaves, 9 loaves, 12 loaves. For very large BULK orders, we may opt to ship by UPS.

How much is shipping?

Do my soaps come fully cured?
All soaps are made fresh, just for you. You will need to allow your soap to sit for a couple of weeks before selling to the public. For detailed information on this, visit our CURING SOAP PAGE.

Do I have to cut the soap myself?
No. Each “loaf” of soap is already cut into 1-inch bars for you.

How do I CONTACT you?
please read our FAQ before calling with your question. Also, if you thoroughly read our website, every question about soaps and how it is made, shipped, weighed, etc. is right here on the site.

If you still cannot find the answer you are looking for, Email us at info@soapbytheloaf.com. Or, our phone number is 615-360-8089. However, the staff at this number is for the RETAIL STORE and they have no info about wholesale orders. See question below.  Email is checked several times a day.

I called your Nashville store and the girl who answered the phone was of NO help at all. What’s up?
The retail store staff is not trained to answer wholesale or soap by the loaf questions and do not have the capability to look up your order. The staff cannot answer your bulk soap questions. The Nashville store is a retail shop.

Do you have a minimum ordering amount?
aromaG’s wants to make it easy for small business to succeed in the natural market. Our ordering minimum is low — only 3 loaves of soap. Why a minimum? Soap by the Loaf was designed for business owners wanting to incorporate handmade soap into their line of products — not as a place where retail customers have a place to order good soap (strictly for their own use) at a wholesale price. We also do this to protect our wholesale clients — after all, you need a customer to sell to, right?

What are the ingredients used in your soaps? Are they handmade?
Our soaps are made completely from scratch with a combination of olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm, sunflower oil, and shea butter. They retain their natural skin-loving glycerin, making for a great homemade bar of soap. Some specialty recipes may also include additional oils such as: castor, cocoa butter, etc. Go to our ingredients page and you will find a listing for all of our soaps.

Do you use real essential oils in your soaps?
The majority of them are scented with real essential oils from plants. We also carry of line of soaps scented with fine fragrances. For our essential oil soaps only natural, plant derived essential oils are used for scent as well as for their aromatherapy benefits.

How large are your wholesale soap loaves?
soap logs measure at 10″ long, 3″ wide and approx 2.5″ high. With the width we cut our soaps, we get a return of 10 bars per loaf that weigh in around 3.8 – 4 ounces per bar, depending on the formula and botanical contents.

How do I know if I will like your soap before ordering such a large amount?
there are links on the top of each page where it says SOAP SAMPLES. We encourage you to order samples first from our retail site.

Will you label my soap for me? Your website mentions the term ‘private label.’
We offer great soap in bulk so that YOU may affix with your own label. We do not provide or print labels. The term ‘private label’ in the industry can mean that either a company will label products for you OR that they offer you products with the permission to use your own label on their product. We stick to the production of soap.  However, here’s our page with tips about ways you can label your soap:  https://soapbytheloaf.com/faq-information/labeling-soaps/

I didn’t like the soap I received. How do I get a refund?
Did you order samples first? We have been artisan soap makers since 1999. We encourage you to order samples before ordering bulk soap. We do not offer refunds on soaps that were made especially for you. On rare occasion, we will offer you the option of shipping the soap back to us (at your own cost) and a 20% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund.

How much does each loaf weigh?
freshly made, each soap loaf still contains a higher amount of water content which will evaporate as the curing process takes place. Each loaf weighs approx 3 lbs. (that is all 10 bars together)

Can anyone purchase your soap wholesale?
aromaG’s Soap by the Loaf sells to large and small businesses alike. If you live in Tennessee and wish to be tax exempt, we must obtain a copy of your reseller’s certificate. If you are a small, home-based business without a reseller certificate, you may still place your order but be aware that residents of the state of Tennessee will be responsible for sales tax. NOTE: We do not sell wholesale soap loaves to anyone living within a 100 mile radius of Nashville, TN. Our own retail soap company, Aromagregory Creative, is Nashville based — competing with our own product would be a silly business move, as we’re sure you understand. However, we do offer retail bars at wholesale prices for you to carry in your store or boutique as well as hosting soap making classes in the Nashville area. Please see our www.aromagregory.com website for more details.

How do I pay for my order of wholesale soap logs?
aromaG’s accepts: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express and Paypal. Large orders may require a deposit.

I received a discount coupon (or saw a sale) when I ordered soap bars for sampling at www.aromags.com but when I went to order my loaves of soap on soapbytheloaf, the code won’t work. What’s up?
aromaG’s retail customers receive coupons when buying retail, giving them discounts on their next order. Those coupons are for discounts on RETAIL bars of soap on our RETAIL website where bars of soap are $4.50 each. They do not discount WHOLESALE orders on the www.soapbytheloaf.com website where you are already receiving a discount through wholesale pricing.

What if I want a soap that is not listed?
Sorry. We don’t offer custom soap loaves. But, just look at the long list of all the soaps we DO offer.

Do you ship internationally?
Unfortunately, at this time, we only ship orders within the Continental United States.

Do you have much experience in making soap?
We’ve been in business since 1999 and produce approximately 2000 pounds of handmade soap per month ….. we must be doing something right.

What are the choices of soap you already make?
Our list of soap logs is listed on our soap loaves page and will guide you through the descriptions of every bar we make.

Who needs soap loaves? The possibilities go on and on. We have a wide variety of businesses that purchase soap by the loaf for resale in their company.

Nearly everyone, everywhere uses soap and they have for centuries. It is a consumable product, meaning that it gets “used up” and your customers must return to you for more. Time and time again we see new customers who had just tried their first bar of aromagregory soap come back and order many different kinds. Our customers know a good thing when they find one.

Adding quality, handmade soaps to your current product line is great for:

natural grocery stores
vitamin / nutrition stores
spas & salons
tea houses
boutiques & gift shops
aromatherapy companies
primitive shops
gift basket companies
candle shops
museum gift shops
garden centers
and the list goes on ……. everyone loves luxury, gourmet soap.

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