A Farewell from Soap by the Loaf

We are sad to say that, after almost 23 years in business, Soap by the Loaf is closing its virtual doors on the web. The rising cost of shipping, ingredients, and labor have made it no longer feasible to sell such high quality soap at the affordable price we have always provided our customers. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished and we were among the first three companies in the United States to offer wholesale soaps by the loaf for wholesale. 

We look forward to a new era of focusing solely on our retail store, aromaG’s Botanica, which is still growing and going strong after all these years. We will continue to make several of our best selling soaps in-house for sale in our retail store. However, as of March, 2022, Soap by the Loaf has closed. We appreciate all the customers that have supported us for all these years and we wish all of you much success in your soap businesses! Thank you so much. Greg and Roy – March 5, 2022



Many of our soap recipes (not exactly, but very close) are found in Greg’s best-selling soap book, Making Soap from Scratch – How to Make Handmade Soap – A Beginners Guide and Beyond – available on amazon.
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